Cross Country Course

This 6 acre area contains "Green as Grass", "Beginner Novice", and "Novice" jumps. the all natural jumps (logs, brush, wooden benches, tables and railroad ties) provide a great variety to those jumpers getting ready to event their horses.  We have access to galloping areas behind the Tulsa Hills Shopping Area.  These areas are about a mile long.  We are lucky to have Turkey Mountain less than just one mile away, which gives us additional cross country opportunities.

Stadium Arena

The grass hunt course is 150' x 250' and includes 13 stadium jumps. The bright colors and variety of jumps are a hit with both our new and experienced jumpers!

Indoor Arena

Our 120'x60' lit indoor riding arena has the best footing in the area. This facility allows us to ride in all types of weather.  If there is snow, rain, or if you just need to hide form the Oklahoma sunshine you'll have a comfortable area to ride. Even better, it is just a 20 foot dash from the barn!

Outdoor Arena

This outdoor riding arena is 160'x150/ with excellent sand footing that is ride able even after the worst rain! There's plenty of light form the east and west ends of the arena.

Dressage Arena

The dressage arena is the large size arena and is lit. It can be used for dressage training and is converted into an area for grid work for jumping.