Your horse is guaranteed lots of TLC!


Doug Dyer is our inhouse farrier with 20 years experience.  At your request, shoes can be prorated monthly and added to the boarding fee.

School Horse Program

If your horse is an appropriate candidate for our School Horse Program, your board decreases to $400 per month.  Your horse would be used by students in our lessons- under the supervision of a SHRA trainer..

What does boarding include?

  • Post time 14% grain with blue stem prairie hay
  • Stalls cleaned daily
  • Water cleaned and replenished daily
  • Weather permitting- turnout daily

> If you would like additional supplements, you will need to provide them.

About the barn

We are conveniently located within the Tulsa city limits and live on the property.  There are two gates between the barn and the road. 

Our regular FULL board is $500 per month.  We do NOT offer partial or pasture board.